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Ladies’ Rolex Buying Guide: Discovering Elegance and Precision (2024)

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ladies rolex buying guide

Selecting a Rolex watch is a refined choice that signifies luxury and a recognition of masterful craftsmanship. The brand offers timepieces that cater to a broad spectrum of tastes and needs. 

While that’s the case, there’s a common perception that it focuses predominantly on men’s watches, with robust cases, masculine designs, and chunky profiles in most cases. However, this overlooks its extensive selection of women’s timepieces that blend functionality with an aesthetic tailored for a woman’s wrist. 

These gems maintain the brand’s durability and precision while offering sizes, designs, and details that resonate more with female clients. From classic elegance to a bolder statement for the adventurous lady, there’s a Rolex to suit every woman’s wrist.

Rolex Watches for Women

Rolex offers a prestigious collection of timepieces designed specifically for women that combine elegance with precision engineering. They easily double as classy jewelry for their well-polished surfaces, calculated construction, and overall appeal.

There are currently several models for ladies in Rolex’s lineup:

  • Rolex Lady-Datejust
  • Rolex Datejust
  • Rolex Oyster Perpetual
  • Rolex Yacht-Master
  • Rolex Pearlmaster
  • Rolex Vintage Cocktail watches
  • Rolex Cellini

Although each of the above Rolex timepieces is unique in its own right, several factors that bring them together are an equal share of Rolex’s DNA, innovative designs and functions that appeal to most modern female watch enthusiasts, and unmatched precision.

Unlike most women’s watches from other luxury watch brands, the Rolex luxury watch brand uses automatic movements for its ladies’ offerings. Pair this with a durable body and colorful dial and you’ve got a winning combination.

Rolex Lady-Datejust, Datejust, and President

Let’s go back in time to further appreciate the marvel that is the Lady-Datejust.

1945 marked a significant milestone in Rolex’s history. This was when the brand unveiled the first self-winding waterproof watch with a date display on its dial- aptly named the Datejust collection.

Coming in an all-gold (Yellow Gold) 36mm body and flaunting a fluted bezel and Jubilee bracelet, it was released to celebrate Rolex’s 40th anniversary. The watch was an instant sensation among many wearers that Rolex decided to introduce its female counterpart- the Lady-Datejust- 12 years later in 1957.

The Lady-Datejust boasts all the same features as the Datejust: A date feature that automatically changes at midnight under a Cyclops lens, a water-resistant Oyster case, and a perpetual movement. However, it’s more compact to accommodate women’s smaller wrists.

It’s available in several case sizes, namely: 

Fun Facts: The 26mm and 28mm sizes are the only models currently referred to as the Lady-Datejust. The 31mm falls under a midsize category and assumes the ‘Datejust 31’ title. 

  • Also, these three sizes are the only other watches besides Rolex’s Day-Date with a semi-circular three-link President bracelet. Either of them with a President bracelet is referred to as Lady President.

As for the 36mm option, it was exclusively a men’s watch at first. However, Rolex later made it a unisex watch due to its growing popularity among many female Rolex watch fans.

The Datejust is Rolex’s most versatile watch choice and this is evident even in its material, dial, bezel, and bracelet alternatives.

  • Case materials: Platinum, stainless steel (Oystersteel), Everose Gold, Yellow Gold, White Gold, and Rolesor- which is Rolex’s fancy terminology for the combination of steel and Everose, White, or Yellow Gold.
  • Dial styles: Mother of Pearl, stoned, diamond-paved, colorful, and with motifs like butterflies and flowers.
  • Bezel types: Smooth, fluted, or diamond-set.
  • Bracelet types: Jubilee, Oyster, or President.

As for their prices, they vary depending on material, size, condition, and if you’re buying them brand new or pre-owned. For example, a stainless steel Lady-Datejust 28mm goes for approximately S$8,656. Meanwhile, its steel Datejust 31 counterpart has a price tag of at least S$8,789. Two-tone and golden alternatives have higher prices. 

It’s worth noting that the Lady-Datejust doesn’t fare so well on the pre-owned and secondary markets since they don’t appreciate in value as well as the men’s Datejust watches.

Are you an everyday lady who wants a versatile accessory to match your lifestyle? The Lady-Datejust fits the description. It pairs with any outfit and shines in any environment while offering enough sex appeal to make you turn heads wherever you go.

rolex oyster perpetual ladies

Rolex Ladies’ Oyster Perpetual

The Oyster Perpetual line is among Rolex’s most underappreciated collections. This Rolex model was released as a collection in 1950 and, as is typical of Rolex, marked an important step forward in terms of development and innovation.

Its name comes from the fact that it features an ‘Oyster’ case, which was presented in 1926 and is dustproof and waterproof and an automatic self-winding ‘Perpetual’ movement invented in 1931. It paved the way for more watches in Rolex’s lineup to feature both groundbreaking components.

It came in various materials and styles. However, since the Crown intended it to be an entry-level piece, it comes in an Oyster case, a matching Oyster bracelet, and a smooth, well-polished bezel. The magic lies in its dials that come in several eye-catching colors with a sunburst finish. But we’ll get to that.

The OP was mostly a men’s watch until Rolex introduced a female version- the Ladies’ Oyster Perpetual- in 1964. It stays true to the brand’s minimalist characteristic, coming in an Oystersteel Oyster case, a time-only dial, and the iconic Perpetual rotor beating away in its hood.

It offers a blend of Rolex’s classic design and modern sensibilities. It’s available in sizes: 

There are also 39mm (discontinued) (e.g Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39 White ref. 114300-0004) and 41mm (e.g Rolex Oyster Perpetual 41 ref. 124300) models, but most women gravitate towards 34mm (e.g Rolex Oyster Perpetual 34 Champagne ref. 114200-0022) and 36mm (e.g Rolex Oyster Perpetual 36 ref. 126000) OPs as they offer the right amount of flattery around their wrists.

Over to the dial variations, as of September 2020, Rolex Oyster Perpetual watches that are still in production come in choices such as:

  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Silver
  • Pink
  • Black
  • Candy
  • Red

Since it’s an entry-level watch, it’s perfect for the modern lady on a tight budget and appreciates a horological gem with understated elegance. The 28mm variety goes for at least S$6,792, while the midsize 31mm has a slightly higher S$6,925 price tag.

ladies rolex yacht-master

Rolex Ladies’ Yacht-Master

The Yacht-Master stepped into the watch scene in 1992, donning a 40mm Yellow Gold case. It capitalized on the Rolex Submariner’s nautical success while offering exclusive features such as smooth lines, an etched bezel, and maxi-markers and larger hands for maximum visibility amidst raging seas.

Meanwhile, the Rolex Ladies’ Yacht-Master series is tailored for women who lead an active lifestyle and favor a sporty yet chic timepiece. When Rolex first started it, it came in 29mm and midsize 35mm choices, both of which were discontinued in 2015 and replaced by the current 37mm.

The rich collection offers various material alternatives for its offerings.

  • The Yacht-Master 29mm and 35mm come in Yellow Gold, Rolesium, and Yellow Rolesor precious metals.
  • The Yacht-Master 37mm is available in Everose Gold, Rolesium, and Everose Rolesor case options. The Everose Gold pick comes with Rolex’s patented black Oysterflex strap and black ceramic Cerachrom bezel.

How much should you expect to pay for this luxury maritime offering? Well, it depends mainly on the material and case size. The 29mm iteration is now available on pre-owned and secondary markets and costs at least S$9,322.

The 37mm model has a higher price tag, going for approximately S$17,512 for the Everose Rolesor model and S$30,963 for the Everose Gold piece. 

Whichever you pick, this priceless watch from the Rolex brand ensures you hit the seas in style. An extra perk is it’s super comfortable around the wrist.

rolex pearlmaster

Rolex Pearlmaster

With a name like Pearlmaster, you’re guaranteed to be in for a luxury treat. This opulent and regal timepiece made its debut in 1992 as well and is a more daring, dressed-up version of the Lady-Datejust.

It got its name from its unique five-link bracelet with slightly rounded flat links and wide center links that are edged by two pairs of several slimmer links. The band is often crafted from either platinum or gold and is set with diamonds and other precious gemstones.

The Pearlmaster is similar to the Lady-Datejust in several ways. First, they both have a date display at 3 o’clock. Next, they both have a ‘Datejust’ print on their dials above 12 o’clock. A deliberate move by Rolex, perhaps? Either way, there’s a crucial aspect that tells them apart.

While the Lady-Datejust dresses up most of its beauties’ bezels in gems, the Pearlmaster goes a step further, offering more precious stones not just on the dial and bezel but the entire body- case and all-for some of its watches! Breathe. Let’s take it from the top.

The first Pearlmaster models came in 29mm and larger 34mm case sizes. They offer several delicious dial options, namely:

  • Vignette
  • Mother of Pearl
  • White
  • Champagne
  • Silver

2015 saw the discontinuation of the 29mm model and the introduction of another case diameter, the 39m, which was a welcome option among ladies with larger wrists. It had graduating trapezoidal sapphires on its bezel as well as feminine dial styles such as:

  • Cognac
  • Olive green
  • Red grape

Exclusively available in precious metals such as platinum, Everose Gold, 18ct Yellow Gold and White gold, Pearlmaster watches are often adorned with diamonds, sapphires, or rubies. They represent a luxurious blend of Rolex’s precision in watchmaking with the allure of fine gem setting.

The 34mm and 39mm watches were in production until 2022, when, sadly, they were also discontinued, bringing an end to Rolex’s most expressive watch collection. Luckily, they’re still available in the pre-owned and secondary markets.

As you may have guessed, Pearlmaster watches are expensive. Factor in the materials, bracelet, and adornments, and you have quite a price tag. Prices vary depending on the size and materials, but generally, the larger options cost more.

Rolex vintage cocktail watches are less discussed in watch forums and social settings today, mainly because they vanished into obscurity with time. But their basic concept is pieces of jewelry that defy standard watch design norms and that tell the time. They’re pretty much in line with the Cellini that seeks to craft its path in the watchmaking arena. And it did.

Introduced in 1968 and revived in 2014, the now-discontinued Ladies Cellini collection featured vintage models and designs and came in 23mm, 26mm, and 32mm case size options. It stood out from other Rolex watch models since:

  • It didn’t have an Oyster case and came in case shapes such as oblong and cushion.
  • It used quartz and manual movements rather than the standard Perpetual movements. 

Common Ladies’ Rolex Buying Guide FAQs

1. What should I consider when choosing a ladies’ Rolex?

Consider your lifestyle and personal style. If you’re active, consider sportier models like the Yacht-Master. For elegance, the Datejust or Pearlmaster are excellent choices. Also, think about the watch size and material that suits you best.

2. Are there Rolex watches specifically designed for women?

Yes, Rolex offers models specifically designed for women, such as the Lady-Datejust and the Pearlmaster. These models typically feature smaller case sizes and more decorative designs, including diamond settings.

3. What is the price range for a ladies’ Rolex?

Prices vary widely based on model, material, and whether it’s new or pre-owned. Entry-level models start around S$6,649, while luxurious, diamond-encrusted versions can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

4. Can I wear a men’s Rolex model as a woman?

Absolutely! Many women choose men’s or unisex models like the Rolex Submariner or Daytona for their larger size and bold style.

5. How do I ensure the Rolex I buy is authentic?

Purchase from reputable dealers or authorized retailers. Check for a serial number, the quality of the materials, and the precision of the craftsmanship. If in doubt, seek verification from a professional.

Final Word

In selecting a Ladies’ Rolex watch, careful consideration of the unique qualities of each collection ensures a choice that aligns with personal style and functionality preferences.

The Rolex Lady-Datejust, Datejust, and President timepieces feature a date window at 3 o’clock, a fluted bezel, and a President and Jubilee bracelet in addition to Oyster bracelets.

On the other hand, the Ladies’ Oyster Perpetual is quieter, with a more modest design consisting of an Oystersteel Oyster case, a minimalist (but colorful) time-only dial, and a matching Oyster bracelet.

The Ladies’ Yacht-Master is a sporty yet chic accessory, marrying the best of both worlds with its smooth lines, golden cases against a strong black Oysterflex bracelet and black ceramic Cerachrom etched bezel for larger models.

Lastly, the now-discontinued Rolex Pearlmaster is synonymous with flashy, stopping at nothing to reveal the brand’s more extravagant side with its gem-set bezels and dials, unique five-link (Pearlmaster) bracelet, and array of precious metal options such as Everose Gold, platinum, Yellow Gold, and White Gold.

Ladies’ Rolex watches have a worthwhile investment potential. Given their quality and enduring desirability, these timepieces may maintain or appreciate in value over time.

A Rolex watch is more than a timekeeping device; it’s an emblem of success, an heirloom, and a piece of art. The versatility, durability, and style embodied in Rolex watches for women make them a compelling choice for ladies looking to acquire a luxury timepiece.

Key Takeaways

  • Rolex watches for women offer all the features of men’s timepieces but in more compact sizes to suit ladies’ smaller wrists.
  • Rolex watches for women are an excellent investment since they retain value and may even appreciate in value with time.
  • The Rolex Lady-Datejust is an excellent option for ladies with an active lifestyle seeking a versatile yet elegant watch, the Oyster Perpetual is a better pick for women seeking a budget-friendly pick, the Yacht-Master resonates with the sporty yet elegant woman, and the Pearlmaster is the best choice for the lady who appreciates the finer things in life.
  • Despite your choice, you can rest assured you’re getting the best as all Rolex watches for women share the same elegance, ultra-precision, and Rolex’s unmatched luxury treatment.

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