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Tudor Watch Price Guide: A Watch Fan’s Reliable 2023 Review

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tudor watch price review

Tudor is a luxury watch brand. Surprised? Don’t be. It may be well-armed for a thorough beating with its (mainly steel and bronze) design, but this Rolex sister brand falls in the same category as the horological luxury heavyweights.

Established in 1926 by Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf, the Swiss-made watch brand has fought for its current prestigious spot over the years, and it has earned it. It has all the qualifications of a luxury piece, such as a Swiss-made badge, most of its timepieces being handmade, and the use of high-quality materials like gold.

It helps to know the pricing of a Tudor watch before buying it. That way, you can prepare yourself financially beforehand. Also, learning the pricing enables you to understand how it’s faring on the financial market and if it’s a worthwhile investment. Ready to crunch some numbers? Let’s discover Tudor watches in this comprehensive 2023 Tudor watch price guide then.

Factors Affecting Tudor Watch Pricing

The main factors impacting the Tudor watch pricing are:

1. Brand Heritage and Reputation

Brand heritage is crucial in determining a watch’s worth. It highlights how long a watch brand has been functional, as well as its values, goals, and reputation. 

Tudor has a 97-year brand history that’s strengthened with consistency, trust, and quality assurance among most watch collectors and watch enthusiasts. Also, functional Tudor watches are famous for their durability and robust design. 

2. Materials and Craftsmanship

As we saw earlier, Tudor uses only the best materials for its watches. It utilizes durable materials like Titanium, stainless steel, bronze, carbon, and gold (on two-tone models and the Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight 18K M79018V-0001) to ensure its watches endure harm while flaunting elegance.

It also employs the best watchmaking practices. It pays attention to detail, ensuring every watch is flawless before leaving its company. Every piece is made by skillful hands so that no smooth line or intricate design is compromised.

3. Complications and Features

Tudor watches offer some of the best and most innovative complications and features. The complications include a date window, unidirectional rotating bezels, chronographs, and date+day.

Meanwhile, their most notable features are self-winding/automatic movements, straps and bracelets with extension systems, helium escape valves, and cases with impressive water resistance capabilities.

4. Limited Editions and Rarity

Naturally, quality (luxury) watches that are produced in limited editions and aren’t seen much attract a following and hefty price at re-sale in the watch world. 

Seasoned watch collectors reason that if such watches are rare at the present moment and fetch a good price, they’ll rake in even more in the future when they’re even closer to impossible to come across. Hence, they’re worth the pursuit.

Tudor has a few rare and elegant watches in its lineup, with the Tudor Heritage Black Bay Black modern classic 79220N taking the lead.

5. Market Demand and Availability

Tudor watches have a market demand that’s growing by the day. They’re also readily available- a feature that makes it easy to find one from an authorized dealer. The more available they are, the cost-friendlier they’ll be. Most Tudor watches have an inflated price tag upon their introduction. However, they get more affordable prices once they become readily available. Some examples likely to follow this pattern are the Tudor Pelagos FXD and Tudor Black Bay Pro.

asian women adjust tudor watches

Tudor Watch Collections and Pricing Categories

This table provides an overview of the essential characteristics and costs of different Tudor watch collections as of writing. However, it’s important to keep in mind that the estimated prices are subject to change based on market fluctuations.

CollectionKey FeaturesLaunch PriceCurrent Original PricePre-Owned Price
Tudor Black Bay• Automatic Tudor Caliber MT5602 movement
• Water resistance up to 200m
• A domed sapphire crystal
Tudor Pelagos• Unidirectional bezel
• Self-winding Tudor Caliber MT5612 movement
• Water resistance up to 500m 
Tudor Heritage• Bi-directional rotatable bezel
• Two counters at 3 and 9 o’clock
• Self-winding Caliber T401 movement
Tudor Glamor• Double window at 12 o’clock
• A day window at 12 o’clock
• Date window at 3 o’clock
Tudor Royal• Diamond-set bezel
• Sunray motif dial
• Integrated five-link bracelet
Tudor 1926• Dial with an embossed design
• Water resistance to 100m
• Arabic numerals/ diamond-set hour markers
Tudor Clair de Rose• Blue spinel cabochon winding crown
• Self-winding Caliber T201 mechanical movement
• Opaline dial

Here’s a look at the collections in detail:

1. Tudor Black Bay Collection

Launched in 2012, the Tudor Bay Collection is one of the most famous collections in Tudor’s lineup. It’s known as the brand’s saving grace, the miracle that catapulted it to the limelight and enabled it to emerge from behind Rolex’s shadow.

It was named after a fictional hidden cove with secrets. Plus, it has celebrity fans like Lady Gaga, over 50 variations, and more than 10 unique references in different versions and sizes. Each of them has unique vintage-inspired designs with the latest technology.


The unique features of the Tudor Black Bay Collection include:

  • 41mm stainless steel case with polished and satin finish
  • Steel unidirectional rotatable bezel with disc in matt black anodized aluminum
  • Luminescent ‘Snowflake’ hands and hour markers for unmatched readability in dark environments
  • A case with a water resistance of up to 200m, making the watch ideal for jet skiing, swimming, and snorkeling.
  • A COSC-certified Manufacture Caliber MT5602 movement with 25 jewels and 28,800vph frequency.
  • Power reserve of up to 70 hours.
  • Domed crystal
  • Stainless steel bracelet or aged leather strap with folding buckle and safety clasp.

Launch Price, Current Original Price, Pre-Owned Price

  • The launch price of the Tudor Black Bay Collection was S$5,300.
  • According to WatchCharts, the current original price of the collection starts from S$3,545.
  • Pre-owned prices for the Tudor Black Bay Collection can vary widely depending on the watch’s model, condition, and age, but they typically start from S$4,368.

2. Tudor Pelagos Collection

Another collection introduced in 2012, the Tudor Pelagos collection features quality dive watches with a modern and energetic vibe aimed at younger consumers.

Its name is derived from the ancient Greek for ‘open or deep sea.’ Its pieces can also double as dress watches due to their sophisticated designs, smooth lines, and beautiful dials. Their features serve to amplify their brilliance and horological advancement.


The unique features of the Tudor Pelagos collection include:

  • 42mm titanium and steel case with a satin finish.
  • Helium escape valve at 9 o’clock
  • Unidirectional rotatable titanium bezel with ceramic matt black disc with 60-minute graduations with white luminescent material.
  • A case with a water resistance of up to 500m, making the timepiece ideal for serious deep-water diving.
  • A COSC-certified Manufacture Caliber MT5612 movement with a bidirectional rotor system. It also features 26 jewels and a 28,800vph frequency.
  • Power reserve of up to 70 hours
  • Flat sapphire crystal
  • Titanium bracelet with a steel folding clasp with an auto-adjustable spring mechanism. There’s also a complimentary rubber strap with buckle and extra extension piece.

Launch Price, Current Original Price, Pre-Owned Price

  • The launch price of the Tudor Pelagos Collection was S$4,950.
  • According to WatchCharts, the current original price of the collection starts from S$4,581.
  • The pre-owned price of the collection differs depending on the model, condition, and age. However, they usually start from S$4,445.

3. Tudor Heritage Collection

The Tudor Heritage Chronograph collection contains robust, masculine sports watches that pay homage to classics like the prototype reference 7033 while bringing a modern twist into the mix.

The retro chronograph-inspired collection was launched in 2010, with its timepieces boasting first-rate materials and eccentric colors. Their versatility and highly-accurate in-house mechanical movements make them a reliable companion for patrons on and off the race track.


The unique features of the Tudor Heritage collection include:

  • 42mm steel case with polished and satin finish.
  • Two counters at 3 (small seconds) and 9 (45-minute totalizer) o’clock for enhanced readability of the measured elapsed time.
  • Bidirectional rotatable 12-hour graduated steel bezel with a disc in blue anodized aluminum.
  • Water resistance of up to 150m, meaning it’s suitable for general water sports- snorkeling included.
  • Self-winding Caliber T401 mechanical movement with a chronograph function and 28,800vph frequency.
  • Power reserve of approximately 42 hours.
  • Steel screw-down pushers at 2 and 4 o’clock.
  • Steel bracelet with folding clasp or woven Jacquard fabric strap with pin buckle

Launch Price, Current Original Price, Pre-Owned Price

  • The Tudor Heritage Collection’s launch price was S$8,650.
  • According to WatchCharts, its current original price begins from S$6,299.
  • The pre-owned price varies depending on the age, condition, and model. However, it typically starts from S$4,789.

4. Tudor Glamor Collection

Started in 2012, the Glamor collection comprises three models: The 42mm Double Date, the 39mm Day-Date, and the 28mm/31mm/36mm Date models.

The pieces from the collection borrow heavily from Rolex’s Day-Date and Datejust timepieces. And they seamlessly combine timeless appeal, elegance, and functionality to gift users with cost-friendly yet glamorous timers.


The unique features of the Tudor Glamor collection include:

  • A 42mm steel case with a polished finish and open back with sapphire crystal.
  • A large date display at 12 o’clock and small seconds at 6 o’clock. (Glamour Double Date)
  • A day window at 12 o’clock (Day-Date)
  • A date window at 3 o’clock (Date)
  • Steel and yellow gold double bezel with a polished finish.
  • Waterproofness to 100m.
  • COSC-certified self-winding manufacture Caliber MT5641 movement with bidirectional rotor system. (Double Date)
  • Self-winding Caliber T603 mechanical movement with 38-hour power reserve. (Day-Date)
  • Self-winding Caliber T201 mechanical movement with 38-hour power reserve. (Date)
  • 5-rowed steel and yellow gold bracelet with polished center links or genuine black alligator strap or steel bracelet with patented folding clasp and steel safety clasp.

Launch Price, Current Original Price, Pre-Owned Price

  • The Tudor Glamor Collection’s launch price was S$4,560.
  • As per WatchCharts, its current original price starts from S$3,672.
  • The pre-owned price varies depending on the age, model, and condition, but it typically starts from S$1,919.

5. Tudor Royal Collection

The Royal Collection is Tudor’s official home of elegant and sport-chic watches. Introduced in July 2020, the new Tudor collection strives to further Tudor’s rich heritage of Royal watches that appeal to a wide audience by presenting them in a sleek, modern case.

And it’s not just about the looks. The collection guarantees versatile and functional pieces with self-winding movements, integrated bracelets, and a date function. Interested? Let’s have a closer look at its features.


Its unique features include:

  • A 28mm steel case with a diamond-set bezel (60 diamonds).
  • Baton hands painted with Swiss Super-LumiNova lume for better legibility.
  • Roman numeral hour markers and eight diamond-set hour markers.
  • White Mother of Pearl dial with sunray motif for elegant lighting effects.
  • Self-winding Caliber T201 movement with a 38-hour power reserve.
  • Integrated five-link steel and yellow gold or steel bracelet with satin-brushed central and external links and polished intermediate links with a folding clasp and safety catch.

Launch Price, Current Original Price, Pre-Owned Price

  • The Tudor Royal Collection’s launch price was S$5,234.
  • According to WatchCharts, its current original price starts from S$3,099.
  • The pre-owned price varies depending on the age, model, and condition. However, it usually starts from S$1,888.

6. Tudor 1926 Collection

It’s a collection named after the year Tudor was established. The vintage-inspired line borrows heavily from prominent previous models, making it a worthy opponent in the luxury watch battlefield.

It offers unisex watches in four case sizes, each with a luxurious finish and a classy embossed dial. The pieces also have a slim Jubilee-style bracelet and a self-winding mechanical movement, boasting ruggedness and elegance like no other.


Its unique features are:

  • A silver dial with an embossed design
  • A steel case with a water resistance of up to 100m.
  • Golden Arabic numeral/ diamond-set hour markers.
  • A self-winding Caliber T201 mechanical movement
  • Power reserve of up to 38 hours.
  • A brown leather strap or seven-link Rose Gold-stainless steel or stainless steel bracelet with satin-brushed outer links, polished middle links, and a folding clasp and safety catch.

Launch Price, Current Original Price, Pre-Owned Price

  • The Tudor 1926 Collection had a launch price of S$4,667.
  • As per WatchCharts, the collection’s original current price starts from S$2,627.
  • Its pre-owned cost varies depending on the age, condition, and model. However, it typically starts from S$1,948.

7. Tudor Clair de Rose Collection

The Clair de Rose Collection is an exclusive luxury women’s watch line. It has provided stylish and sophisticated timepieces with a delicate feminine allure since its revamp in 2017.

Watches from the collection stay true to Tudor’s classy heritage. They accomplish this while introducing aesthetics and features that are sure to captivate the modern, go-getter woman with a keen eye for chic timepieces.


Some of its unique features are:

  • A 30mm steel case with a polished finish
  • A winding crown with a blue spinel cabochon
  • Water resistance of up to 100m
  • An opaline dial with relief decoration and blue lacquered Roman numeral index hour markers
  • Self-winding Caliber T201 mechanical movement with a 38-hour power reserve and date function
  • A well-polished steel bracelet with small ‘rice grain’ links and a folding clasp and safety catch

Launch Price, Current Original Price, Pre-Owned Price

  • The launch price of the Clair de Rose Collection was S$5,115.
  • As per WatchCharts, its current original price starts from S$3,166.
  • The collection’s pre-owned price changes depending on the condition, age, and model. However, it typically starts from S$1,841.
tudor watch collections price

Examples of Tudor Watches in Different Price Ranges

The following is a table highlighting different levels, examples of Tudor watch models in the level, and their price ranges. Note that the estimated prices may change depending on the market.

LevelWatch ModelPrice Range
EntryTudor Black Bay

Tudor 1926

Tudor Heritage Ranger
S$3,545- S$4,368

S$2,627- S$4,379

Mid-RangeTudor Pelagos

Tudor Glamor

Tudor Black Bay GMT
S$4,581- S$6,636

S$3,672- S$5,288

High-EndTudor Heritage Chrono

Tudor Black Bay Chrono

Tudor Blackshield Chronograph
S$6,299- S$7,404

S$7,343- S$8,230

S$7,916- S$9,400


1. Is Tudor watch expensive?

A Tudor watch is a luxury watch with a modest price. The founder, Hans Wilsdorf, introduced the Tudor brand as a cheaper alternative to Rolex since he didn’t want to affect Rolex’s high-end reputation.

2. Is Tudor better than Rolex?

The Tudor Watch Company isn’t better than Rolex. Rolex is arguably the world’s most famous luxury watch brand, well-known for its high-end luxury Rolex watches. However, both brands offer some of the most excellent luxury watches with avant-garde designs and exclusive mechanical manufacture calibres.

3. Why are Tudor watches so cheap?

Tudor timepieces have a more modest price because they’re more readily available than most other luxury watches. Also, they use fewer precious metals and choose to stick to (mostly) stainless steel instead.

Final Word

Tudor watches have changed the luxury watch landscape for the better- and they still are. 

They command respect and recognition with their bold and distinctive character. Their growing popularity and high-profile ambassadors rounding them are indicators that they’re just getting started.

Key Takeaways

  • Tudor watches are affordable luxury watches that are related to Rolex.
  • Tudor watches use mainly stainless steel for their case material and use self-winding mechanical movements.
  • Tudor watches are readily available, hence their pocket-friendly price tags.

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