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Consign Your Pre-Owned Luxury Watches in Singapore

Set the highest value for a true collector's item. We will do the rest.

  • Set The Price You Want
  • No-Cost, No-Obligation, Absolutely Free Valuation
  • Hassle-Free Services

Consign Your Watch With High Valuation

How To Consign Your Watch

How To Consign Your Watch

Receive the Highest Valuation

Watch Exchange and the Seller will agree on the value & consignment price for the watch, usually close to the watch’s Market Value or sold at a higher price.


Send Your Watch To Us

The Seller will then bring their timepiece to our outlet. A watch expert will inspect the condition and authenticity of your timepiece.


Sit Back and Relax

Watch Exchange will help the Seller advertise and market their watch for sale across multiple channels; reaching potential buyers from across the globe.


Receive Payment

Once Watch Exchange found the perfect buyer, the Seller will receive payment by cash or bank transfer.

Sell vs Consign Your Watch

Best For:
Selling Price:
Time Frame:
Minimum Consignment Period:
Customers who needed funds immediately
5 to 15% Below Grey Market Value
Instant Payment
Customers who wanted the best price for their watches
3 to 5% below Grey Market Value
3 Working Days after the watch is sold
1 Month
Best For:
Customers who needed funds immediately
Customers who wanted the best price for their watches
Selling Price:
5 to 15% Below Grey Market Value
3 to 5% below Grey Market Value
Time Frame:
Instant Payment
3 Working Days after the watch is sold
Minimum Consignment Period:
1 Month

Why Consign Your Watch

You Determine The
Selling Price

Only the best value for a true collector's item. Set the price you want for your pre-owned luxury watch.


Sit back and relax. We will help you advertise your luxury timepiece across local and overseas channels.

Only Pay Upon
Successful Sale

No cost. No obligation. Pay a small commission fee only upon successful sale.

Why Choose Us?

Multiple Buyer Payment Options

We offer buyers a range of payment choices, making transactions convenient and accessible.

Highly Reviewed

We acquired numerous positive reviews, reflecting our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Sell Faster at Better Prices

Take advantage of our extensive network of both local and international sales channels, ensuring your items sell quickly and at competitive prices.

Discreet Selling

We prioritize your privacy and offer a discreet selling experience, safeguarding your personal information throughout the process.

Largest Telegram Subscribers

Join our extensive Telegram community, connecting you with a broad audience of potential buyers and enthusiasts.

Insurance Coverage

Rest easy knowing that our comprehensive insurance coverage protects your watches from fire and theft, providing peace of mind for consignors.

What Our Customers Say About Our Services

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Why Should I Consign My Watch With Watch Exchange?

We place the highest value on trust and relationships. Our team is made up of luxury watch specialists. To ensure a completely transparent process, we will involve you throughout the valuation process and give you the best, personalized price quote possible for your special luxury watch. Absolutely hassle-free on your part.

How Much Does Consignment Cost?

Requesting a quote from us is free. We don’t charge any additional cost and guarantee a transparent service. You will pay a small commission fee only upon successful sale.

Should I Sell, Trade or Consign My Watch?

Watch Exchange offers three selling options for users – selling, trade-ins, or consignment. The selling option you choose will depend on your preferences.

For instance, if you need funds immediately, you may want to consider selling your luxury watch. If you prefer to get the best possible price for your valuable timepiece, then choose the consignment option. Lastly, you can also trade your pre-owned luxury watch for a timepiece you’re looking for.

Note that each option will have a different valuation process. It’s best to speak with one of our luxury watch specialists by requesting a free quote.

How Long Does It Take To Consign My Watch?

When you decide to consign your watch with Watch Exchange, you will receive the highest valuation. Once we have agreed on the value and consignment price for the luxury watch, you will then bring your luxury timepiece to our outlet.

Watch Exchange will help you advertise and market your watch across multiple channels. From here, it can take weeks or at least 30 days to find the right buyer.

What Is Watch Consignment and How Does It Work?

In the simplest terms, consignment is when you (the consignor) give an authorized retailer (consignee) your watch to sell for you. The consignee will help you find potential buyers and will receive a fixed fee or percentage of the sale.

Before you hand the consignee your luxury watch, you will have all the terms set out upfront. Typically, you and the retailer will come to an agreement on a value that is close to the timepieces’ market prices or at a much higher price.

What Do I Need To Prepare if I Want To Sell, Trade, or Consign My Watch?

Before you sell, trade, or consign your pre-owned luxury watch, you need to do your research. Learn everything you can about the watch model from official sources, such as the company’s website and trusted watch blogs. Research your watch’s history, market value, and current demand.

Next, put together important documents that will support the authenticity of your luxury watch. You must gather the box, purchase receipt, warranty cards, service history, and other crucial documents.

Lastly, if you’re asking for a quote online, you must provide a complete description of your timepiece. A few important descriptions include:

  • Date and location of purchase
  • Crystal condition
  • Condition of the movement
  • Condition of the external
  • Polished or Untouched
  • Original or replaced parts
  • The presence of the original accessories, wristband, and buckles

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Consignment?

Consigning your watch means tapping into professional and established networks to reach collectors and hobbyists you would otherwise not have access to. The people in these networks are actively searching for high-end, luxury watches. That said, you’ll have a higher chance of reaching potential buyers who are willing to match your asking price.

However, consignment can take a long time with no guarantee that your watch will sell. A successful sale will depend on the authorized retailer’s ability to market as well as the network of buyers. Watch Exchange list watches on multiple local and overseas platforms so your luxury timepiece can sell faster.

That said, it is not the right option for those who want a quick sale and are in need of immediate funds.

How Much Does It Cost To Consign on Watch Exchange?

Requesting a quote is free. No additional costs are involved. Best of all, we guarantee a transparent service when you decide to sell your luxury watch to us.

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