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Luxury Watch Polishing Singapore

Led by our Swiss-trained expert, we specialize in luxury watch polishing, restoration, and Swiss refinishing, using advanced technology to deliver exceptional quality for Rolex, Audemars Piguet, and Patek Philippe. Our watchmakers expertly restore your timepiece’s beauty without compromising its original design and integrity.

5 Steps Polishing Process
Swiss Trained Expert
16 Years of Experience

Our Watch Polishing Process









Quality Control & Testing

Quality Control & Testing

*If applicable.

Polish Your Watch in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1

Contact Us

Connect with our Live Customer Service via WhatsApp to discuss your polishing/refinishing & restoration requirements.

Step 2

Assessment & Scheduling

We’ll evaluate your watch for an initial assessment, discuss the necessary procedures, timelines, its estimated cost, and appointment booking.

Step 3

Bring Your Watch

Visit our Technical Centre at your scheduled date & time.

Why Choose Us

Swiss Expertise

Led by our Swiss-trained Watchmaker with 16 years of experience from 2 of the 4 Major Luxury Watch Brands.

Advanced Facility

Our Technical Centre boasts over $100,000 worth of world-class tools and equipments for expert and professional servicing and repair.

Proven Track Record

Over 26 years of combined expertise of our expert watchmakers specializing in servicing, repairing, authenticating, and polishing luxury watches.

Value and Quality

Competitive pricing paired with uncompromised workmanship.

Services We Offer

Red Stain Removal

Scratch Removal

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Customer Testimonials

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What is watch polishing and refinishing?

Polishing removes minor scratches and restores shine, whereas refinishing involves more extensive surface restoration to original specifications.

How do Swiss-trained and certified watchmakers ensure the best polishing results?

Swiss-trained watchmakers use specialized techniques and precision equipment to ensure the highest quality and accuracy in polishing.

Can polishing and refinishing affect the value of my watch?

Properly done, polishing and refinishing can maintain or increase value, but excessive polishing can reduce it by removing material.

How often should I polish my luxury watch?

Luxury watches should be polished sparingly, ideally only when significant scratches are visible or as the manufacturer recommends.

Can scratches be completely removed from my watch?

Deep scratches may not be completely removable, but most surface scratches can be effectively polished away. Should your watch have deep dents, our experts professionally solder them with the similar material, ensuring it looks flawless, and remains durable without compromising its original design and aesthetics.

Will polishing and refinishing compromise my watch's water resistance?

If resealed correctly, polishing and refinishing should not affect the water-resistance of a watch. Our expert watchmakers subject your timepiece to our advanced dry water and pressure resistance test after the polishing/refinishing/restoration procedure to ensure it’s optimum resistance as it was designed to be.

Is polishing suitable for all types of watch materials?

Polishing is suitable for most materials, but different techniques and tools are required for different materials, like titanium or ceramic.

Is there a warranty on polishing services?

No warranty is provided for our watch polishing services. Rest assured that our Swiss-trained experts and precision equipment ensure top-quality watch polishing for guaranteed satisfaction.

How long does the polishing process take?

The polishing process can take from 5-7 days, depending on the watch’s condition and the work needed.

Are there any risks associated with polishing my watch?

Improper polishing can remove too much material or alter the original design, so relying on experienced professionals is important.

How much do polishing services cost?

Costs vary based on the watch brand, material, and extent of scratches. We always agree on a price before proceeding, ensuring no hidden charges. No chargeable work will be done without your consent. Please message us via WhatsApp or visit us for a proper assessment.

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