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Franck Muller

Franck Muller: Innovative Complications and Great Technique

Franck Muller watches are one of the world’s finest and most complicated timepieces.

Boasting incredible artistry and talent, each timepiece is produced with innovative complications and groundbreaking technical advances. Manufactured entirely in-house, this Swiss luxury manufacturer produces innovative timepieces of unparalleled quality.

Thanks to Franck Muller’s incredible in-house capabilities, the brand continues to push barriers in the watchmaking industry. Throughout the years, the brand creates advanced complications while fully respecting Swiss watchmaking tradition.

Muller regularly releases watches featuring complications that were never before seen in a wristwatch. As a result, the brand has produced a string of “world premieres”, such as the first watch with a tourbillon visible from the front. Among the most innovative Franck Muller timepieces is the Triple Axis Tourbillon – a tourbillon with a minute repeater.

It is no surprise when the luxury watch manufacturer earned the title “Master of Complications”. A well-earned reputation, especially since they produced the world’s most complicated wristwatch in the history of watchmaking. An impressive timepiece, the Franck Muller Aeternitas Mega houses 36 complications with 1,483 components.

Franck Muller’s unparalleled craftsmanship and exceptional Haute Horlogerie expertise lead to the creation of groundbreaking timepieces.

History of Franck Muller Watches

Founded in Geneva by Franck Muller and Vartan Sirmakes, the goal behind the watch brand is to create exclusive timepieces characterized by complicated movements and original designs.

In the early 1980s, Franck Muller completed his training at the Geneva School of Watchmaking. He then worked under the independent watchmaker Svend Andersen. This was where he gained experience with highly complicated timepieces.

Franck Muller devoted his career to creating highly complicated watches. In 1983, Franck Muller began producing his own creations that would soon become exceptional world premieres.

In 1984, he created his very first wristwatch with a tourbillon. This timepiece was a huge success and he started making timepieces and marketed them under the name “Franck Genève”.

In 1991, Muller met Vartan Sirmakes, then a case-maker, who encouraged him to turn his small creations into a prestigious brand and enterprise. Together they set up the Franck Muller Group. “Watchland”, the company’s headquarters, is where various stages of watchmaking happen – conception, manufacturing, engraving, servicing, and more.

In 2004, Franck Muller revolutionized the watchmaking industry by producing the first tri-axial tourbillon in the world – the Revolution 3.

Another notable timepiece by Franck Muller is the Grand Central Tourbillon which is the world’s first centre tourbillon. The Grand Central Tourbillon puts the tourbillon on centre stage, in the middle of an exceptional guilloché dial.

Another groundbreaking timepiece by this luxury watch manufacturer is the Giga Tourbillon with a 20 mm tourbillon.

Lastly, Franck Muller timepieces are recognized for the unconventional form of their cases, such as the tonneau shaped case of the Cintrée Curvex.


How Much Does a Pre-Owned Franck Muller Watch Cost?

Franck Muller has an immense catalog. That said, you can find a timepiece for every budget. Let’s start with the world’s most complicated watch, the Aeternitas Mega. This timepiece with 36 complications and platinum case costs around S$4.3 million onwards.

If you’re looking for a chronograph timepiece, the Franck Muller Vanguard V45 Chronograph costs around S$15,000 onwards.

However, you can also purchase simple two-hand Franck Muller classic timepieces, such as the Cintrée Curvex Lady, 1752 QZ for as little as S$3,400. Modest men’s models in stainless steel with mechanical in-house movements can cost between S$7,900 and S$10,400.

What Are the Best Franck Muller Watch Models?

  • Franck Muller Vanguard: The Vanguard collection represents the modern, athletic evolution of Franck Muller’s tonneau case. While it is inspired by the Cintrée Curve, Vanguard timepieces are still truly unique. For instance, timepieces from this collection have domed cases that lack any visible lugs. One of the most traditional designs is the Vanguard Classical.
  • Franck Muller Cintrée Curvex: This collection is recognized for its emblematic tonneau case with ergonomic doming. This collection has a wide range of timepieces – some with perpetual calendars, tourbillon, moon phase display, and minute repeater. For instance, the Cintrée Curvex Double Retrograde Day & Night features two retrograde hour displays which also double as a day/night indicator.
  • Franck Muller Skafander: This is a distinct water-sports watch collection with a modern tonneau case. It boasts a 100-meter water resistance and is equipped with a unidirectional inner-rotating dive bezel.  

Are Pre-Owned Franck Muller Watches a Good Investment?

Yes, pristine, pre-owned Franck Muller watches are a good investment. These timepieces can hold their value. However, it will still depend on the model and features of the watch. For instance, a pre-owned Franck Muller Cintrée Curvex Master Banker ref. 8880 MB L DT currently sells at around S$34,570 on the private sales market.

A timepiece that features both a tourbillon and a perpetual calendar can sell for between S$76,000 and S$97,000 onwards. For instance, the Franck Muller Long Island Perpetual Calendar Tourbillon currently sells at S$83,499.

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