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GMT-Master II

Rolex GMT Master II: The Timepiece for the Modern Nomad

Known for its innovative dual time zone display and distinctive two-color Cerachrom bezel, the Rolex GMT-Master II embodies precise craftsmanship and historical heritage, making it an iconic, robust, and reliable companion for global adventurers and professionals traversing different time zones.

History of Rolex GMT-Master

Introduced in 1955, the original GMT-Master was designed in collaboration with Pan American Airways and was provided to their crews for long-haul flights. 

Over the years, the GMT-Master evolved, and in 1982, Rolex introduced the GMT-Master II. This new model maintained the classic aesthetics of the original GMT-Master but included significant technical enhancements. The most notable improvement was adding an independent quickset hour hand, which allowed wearers to adjust the local time without affecting the 24-hour hand and minute hand. 

Another defining feature of the GMT-Master II is its two colour bezel. This cerachrom bezel insert makes the GMT-Master II instantly recognizable and provides a functional way to distinguish between day and night in the second time zone. 

Over the years, various color combinations have been released, with some like the “Pepsi” (red and blue) and “Batman” (black and blue) becoming particularly iconic.

Today, the GMT-Master II is an exceptional tool watch that pairs practical functionality with a luxurious design. Its ability to track multiple time zones and its robust construction and precise movement make it an ideal watch for global travelers, pilots, and international business professionals.

Pre Owned Rolex GMT-Master II: Price Overview

Below is a table presenting the average prices for various Rolex GMT-Master II models on the pre-owned market.

Most Popular GMT-Master II Models

Reference Number Pre-Owned Price (Approx) SGD Materials (case, bezel, dial)
126719BLRO “Pepsi Meteorite” $77,900 White gold, blue and red, silver meteorite
116710LN $14,900 Steel, black, black
126711CHNR “Rootbeer” $27,700 Two-tone steel and everose, black and brown, black
126710BLRO-0001“Pepsi Jubilee” $26,500 Steel, blue and red, black
126710BLNR “Batman” $22,400 Steel, black and blue, black
126710BLNR Jubilee “Batgirl” $23,800 Steel, black and blue, black
126710BLRO “Pepsi” $27,800 Steel, blue and red, black
126720VTNR “Sprite” $29,000 Steel, black and green, black

Note: The prices above are only averages and may vary depending on market conditions.


What Are the Main Features of Rolex GMT-Master II Watches?

The Rolex GMT-Master II is a paragon of exemplary craftsmanship with various features designed for the global traveler. Here are some GMT Master II highlights

  • Dual Time Zone Function: It showcases a 24-hour hand that displays a second-time zone, allowing travelers to read their local time and the time back home simultaneously.
  • Bidirectional Rotatable Bezel: The bezel, equipped with a bezel rotation system, can be turned crisply in either direction, clicking into each of the 24 different hour positions. 
  • Calibre 3285 Movement: At its heart, it houses a movement made for travelers. This allows wearers to adjust their local time via the winding crown without stopping the watch or affecting the 24-hour hand, maintaining the ability to read two time zones simultaneously.
  • Chromalight Display: It also boasts exceptional legibility in any situation. The luminescent material on the broad hands and hour markers emits a long-lasting glow, providing clear visibility even in the dark.

What Are the Best Pre-owned Rolex GMT-Master II Models?

  • Rolex GMT-Master II 126719BLRO White Gold: Crafted from 18k white gold, Its iconic blue and red “Pepsi” bezel insert adds a vibrant touch. 
  • Rolex GMT-Master II 16710: The “Fat Lady” is a vintage model with a Coke bezel, which has historical value for collectors. Never-worn Fat Lady watches are priced at approximately S$21,000, while pre-owned pieces are available for slightly lower prices, typically around S$20,000.
  • Rolex GMT-Master II 126710BLNR Oyster Bracelet: The “Batman” reference 126710BLNR is known for its striking black and blue ceramic bezel, and the Oyster bracelet adds to its sporty yet versatile appeal. Its popularity and limited availability make it a sought-after piece among collectors.
  • Rolex GMT-Master II 126711CHNR: The “Root Beer” features a brown and black ceramic bezel, and its two-tone construction of Everose gold and stainless steel can offer an attractive blend of luxury and durability.
  • Rolex GMT-Master II 126710BLRO Jubilee Bracelet: The “Batgirl” reference on the Jubilee bracelet offers a more refined and classic look. Combining the popular “Batman” bezel and Jubilee bracelet can make it a highly desirable model among collectors.

Are Pre-owned Rolex GMT-Master II Watches a Good Investment?

Buying pre-owned Rolex GMT-Master II watches has several advantages. 

Firstly, they are readily available, as the GMT-Master II is a highly sought-after model with limited availability in authorized dealerships.

Second, the pre-owned market offers a wide range of interesting older models, including classic references like Coke, Pepsi, and Batman and original Root Beer models.

For instance, Rolex 126710BLNR Batman‘s retail price is S$14,950, and it can be sold for S$22,237 on the pre-owned market. 

This price difference illustrates the potential for pre-owned Rolex GMT-Master II watches to appreciate in value, offering a cost-saving opportunity for buyers and a potential return on investment for sellers in the pre-owned market.

Why is Rolex GMT-Master II so special?

The Rolex GMT-Master II’s special appeal lies in its ability to display multiple time zones simultaneously, making it the perfect companion for globetrotters and frequent travelers. 

The GMT-Master II’s bi-color bezel, known as the “Pepsi” or “Batman” bezel, adds a distinct visual charm, further solidifying its status as a legendary watch in the horological world.

Several celebrities proudly own Rolex GMT-Master watches, including:

  • Daniel Craig: Renowned British actor, best known for playing James Bond in the recent Bond movies, owns a Rolex GMT-Master II with the Pepsi bezel, specifically the reference 16710 Coke.
  • Orlando Bloom: Hollywood leading man, known for his roles in various films, has been spotted wearing a vintage Rolex GMT-Master ref. 1675 with the Pepsi bezel.
  • Rolex brand ambassador and tennis legend Roger Federer proudly wore the Batman GMT Master II with the reference 116710BLNR when receiving his trophy at the 2017 Australian Open Championship, showcasing the watch’s allure on and off the court.
  • Famous athletes like Leicester goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel and Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema have also been spotted wearing the Batman GMT Master II with the reference 116710BLNR, further enhancing its status as a favored timepiece among sports stars.
  • Notable watch enthusiast and singer John Mayer is rumored to cherish the sophisticated blend of stainless steel and the distinctive two-tone ceramic bezel in his Batman GMT Master II with the reference 116710BLNR.
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