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Yacht Master

Yacht Master

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Rolex Yacht-Master: Nautical Elegance, Unmatched Precision

The Rolex Yacht-Master, introduced in 1992, is the epitome of luxury sports watches, seamlessly blending maritime heritage with Rolex’s renowned craftsmanship. With its distinctive bidirectional rotatable bezel, crafted to aid sailors in measuring sailing time, it stands out in functionality and style. The watch radiates sophistication, often featuring materials like platinum oyster and rose gold. Its luminescent markers and hands provide clarity in diverse conditions, embodying both form and function.

What distinguishes the Yacht-Master from competitors is this fusion of nautical functionality, Rolex’s impeccable precision, and an undeniable aesthetic appeal that transcends the seafaring world to captivate a broader audience.

History of Rolex Yacht-Master

The Rolex Yacht-Master, launched in 1992, represents Rolex’s rich maritime legacy, offering a luxurious yet functional timepiece for seafarers. While reminiscent of the Submariner, the Yacht-Master differentiates with its polished bezel and softer lines. Its bidirectional rotatable bezel was designed for yachting enthusiasts to calculate sailing time. Over the years, innovations like the Everose gold construction and the high-performance Oysterflex bracelet have been introduced.

In 2007, the Yacht-Master II was unveiled, featuring a unique regatta countdown function for yacht racing. Embodying Rolex’s commitment to precision, the Yacht-Master has become a symbol of nautical elegance and unrivaled craftsmanship.

Pre-Owned Yacht-Master: Price Overview

The Rolex Yacht-Master collection, since its inception, has offered several impressive models with distinct features, materials, and sizes. These are just a few standout models from the Yacht-Master lineup.

Top 5 Most Popular Rolex Yacht-Master Models

Reference Number Watch Value (Approx) Case material, Bezel, Dial


S$34,166 Rose Gold, Ceramic, Black


S$23,664 Steel, Ceramic, Blue/White


S$38,394 White Gold, Ceramic, Black


S$29,492 Gold/Steel, Ceramic, White


S$30,746 Rose Gold, Ceramic, Black


What Are the Main Features of Rolex Yacht-Master Watches?

  • The Rolex Yacht-Master is characterized by its maritime design and functionality. Key features include: a bidirectional rotatable bezel to measure sailing time, luminescent markers for clarity, and a robust waterproof case.
  • Modern versions introduce materials like Everose gold watch and the high-performance Oysterflex bracelet. Additionally, the Yacht-Master II offers a unique regatta countdown function, specifically tailored for competitive sailing, enhancing its nautical

Are Pre-owned Rolex Yacht-Master Watches a Good Investment?

Absolutely! Rolex Yacht-Master watches have shown a consistent appreciation in value. With sales figures ranging from S$6,392 to S$55,475, there’s a clear demand in the private market. The Yacht-Master 40mm Steel Blue Dial Ref. 126622, in particular, has seen its value rise beyond its retail price within a year, currently priced at $18,638 in the private sales market, indicating its desirability among collectors. Such trends suggest that the Yacht-Master is not only a symbol of luxury and craftsmanship but also a worthy investment.

What is Special About Rolex Yacht-Master?

  • The Yacht-Master epitomizes Rolex’s maritime heritage, melding luxury with purpose-built design. Its distinct blend of polished aesthetics, with features such as the bidirectional bezel, is tailored for sailors, showcasing Rolex’s commitment to serving specific professional needs. It puts watchmaking excellence to a whole new level.
  • Additionally, its variations like the Yacht-Master II’s regatta chronograph function elevate its uniqueness, making it not just a watch, but a testament to Rolex’s dedication to innovation, precision, and maritime tradition.
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