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Tudor: Stylish, Durable, and Daring

Whether you’re a vintage watch enthusiast, a lover of modern sports watches, or looking for a luxurious dress watch, there is a Tudor timepiece for you.

Boasting Rolex quality at more affordable prices, TUDOR has built its reputation for creating stylish, durable, and stunning designs. Chosen by the most daring adventurers, Tudor has launched some of the world’s most iconic contemporary collections of timepieces.

Although the brand was intended to be an affordable version of Rolex watches, Tudor has stepped out of its sister company’s shadow. Today, they have built their own reputation and are now highly coveted among watch enthusiasts.


One of the Tudor signature models is the Tudor Black Bay Chrono column-wheel chronograph. This watch model has won international awards and is considered one of the best horology has to offer. Other popular Tudor models include the Pelagos, North Flag, and Heritage Chrono Blue.

The Tudor watch company delivers top-notch craftsmanship and uses unparalleled precise movements.  Merging classic watch design with high-quality watchmaking practices, the brand continues to create exciting collections with a bold and distinctive character.

History of Tudor Watches

Founded in 1926 by Hans Wilsdorf, Tudor is known as the sister company of Rolex – the most famous luxury watch brand in the world. Wilsdorf’s goal from the beginning was for Tudor watches to be a more affordable alternative to Rolex watches. Throughout the 20th century, the two brands have intertwined history and Tudor continued to produce modest versions of the Rolex.

In 1932, the first Tudor timepieces made their appearance in the Australian market. The timepieces had a rectangular shape with beveled edges. Some of the models have the Rolex name along with Tudor on the dial to make a distinct connection.

In 1936, Hans Wilsdorf acquired “The Tudor” name from Veuve de Philippe Hüther and added the “Tudor Rose” inside a shield to the logo.

The company continued to gain momentum in the mid-20th century. In 1952, Tudor released the waterproof and automatic Tudor Oyster Prince. In 1955 , the Oyster Prince Submariner dive watch joined the catalog. In 1957, the Tudor Oyterthin soon followed.


During the brand’s 50th anniversary in 1966, the company decided to shed Rolex signed components in favor of Tudor branded ones. In 1970, Tudor expanded into chronographs by launching the Tudor Oysterdate Chronograph 7031. This model became the modern Heritage line.

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, the company stopped selling the brand’s timepieces in America – and other markets. In 2013, Tudor announced its return to the American market. This marked the company’s attempt to rebrand and redefine itself apart from Rolex.

Tudor continuously pushes itself to produce excellent luxury watches at a more modest price. Some of the most popular collections of the current Tudor lineup include the Black Bay, the Pelagos, the North Flag, and the Heritage.


How Much Does a Pre-Owned Tudor Watch Cost?

You can expect to pay around S$906 to S$25,386 onwards for pristine, pre-owned Tudor watches. Popular models, such as the Tudor Black Bay Chrono 79360 cost S$7,684 on the private sales market.

Other popular models such as Tudor Prince Date Chronograph ref. 79280 cost around S$7,200 onwards. If you’re looking into collecting Tudor timepieces, it’s worth looking into their collectible neo-vintage models, such as the Submariner Snowflake. This model typically costs around S$13,900 onwards.

Another collection you may want to look into is Tudor’s Heritage Chrono series. This collection has a distinct selection of men’s chronographs. For instance, the average price for Heritage Chrono ref. 7033N is S$4,602 on the private sales market.

What Are the Best Tudor Watch Models?

  • Tudor Black Bay: The Black Bay collection is modeled after the early Submariner models. Timepieces from this collection boast water resistance up to 200 m and feature a large crown and domed crystal.  The Tudor Black Bay GMT is one of the best from this collection since it is the company’s first GMT movement and the first GMT complication offered under the Black Bay line.
  • Tudor Pelagos: The Pelagos collection advances the company’s diving watches. Water resistant to 500 m, this is the ultimate tool timepiece, perfect for rugged deep-sea survivalists. It is one of the most functional Tudor watches. One of the latest models is the Tudor Pelagos FXD which is the result of a 2-year collaboration between Tudor and the French Navy’s combat swimmer unit “Hubert”.
  • Tudor Heritage Chronograph: This collection is a retro chronograph inspired by early Tudor Oysterdate Chronographs. It features a colorful dial that amps its vintage look. You may want to look into the Heritage Chrono blue with a blue bezel, blue subdials, and a blue edge around the dial.

Are Pre-Owned Tudor Watches a Good Investment?

Yes, pre-owned Tudor timepieces are a good investment. In fact, there are instances where certain Tudor watch models have increased in value.


For instance, the Tudor Black Bay Fifty-Eight ref. M79030B-0001 sells at around S$6,872 onwards on the private sales market. Its current retail price is around S$4,800. That said, if you bought it at the right price, you may gain a higher return on investment in the long run.


Additionally, Tudor watches also hold their value. For example, the Tudor Black Bay 36 ref. 79500 currently sells at S$3,050 on the private sales market. Its retail price as of January 2022 is around S$3,641.

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