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Rolex Milgauss: Anti-Magnetic Precision Timepiece.

The Rolex Milgauss, a testament to Rolex’s innovative spirit, was designed specifically for the scientific community, addressing the unique challenges faced by those in magnetic fields. Its defining feature is its resistance to magnetic interference, which can impair the performance of mechanical watches.

Boasting an internal magnetic shield, the Milgauss can withstand magnetic fields of up to 1,000 gauss, a capability not commonly found in many luxury timepieces. This unparalleled anti-magnetic property is complemented by its signature lightning bolt second hand, adding a touch of flair. Merging functionality and elegance, the Rolex Milgauss stands apart as a specialized marvel in horology.

History of Rolex Milgauss

The Rolex Milgauss, introduced in 1956, was birthed from a unique vision: to serve the needs of the scientific community. The name “Milgauss” is derived from the French term “mille gauss,” representing its resistance to magnetic fields up to 1,000 gauss. This was particularly essential for professionals in the fields of research and medicine, where magnetic fields could greatly affect the accuracy of a mechanical watch. Rolex’s innovative design incorporated a magnetic shield inside the Oyster case, ensuring the watch’s precision.

Its iconic design, particularly the distinctive lightning bolt second hand, reflects its scientific DNA. While the Milgauss underwent various design changes over the decades, the core essence of magnetic resistance and its association with the world of science remained constant. This made the Milgauss not just a tool watch but a symbol of the fusion between science and horology.

Pre Owned Rolex Milgauss: Price Overview

This collection has evolved since Rolex introduced it in 1956 with the first Milgauss Ref. 6541’s distinctive rotating bezel with a red triangle, honeycomb dial and lightning bolt hand.

Top 4 Most Popular Rolex Milgauss Models

Reference Number Watch Value (Approx) Case material, Bezel, Dial


S$14,279 Steel, Steel, Blue/Black/Green


S$32,604 Steel, Steel, Black/Silver Dial


S$11,872 Steel, Steel, Black/White


S$20,4873 Steel, Steel, Black Honeycomb


What Are the Main Features of Rolex Milgauss Watches?

The Rolex Milgauss is renowned for its magnetic resistance, able to withstand fields up to 1,000 gauss, a rarity in watchmaking. This makes it ideal for professionals working in environments with strong magnetic fields.

Additionally, its Oyster case provides durability and water resistance. The Milgauss is also instantly recognizable by its distinctive lightning bolt second hand and often features unique dials, like the Z-Blue or honeycomb.

Are Pre-owned Rolex Milgauss Watches a Good Investment?

  • The Rolex Milgauss, especially popular models like the 116400GV, holds a unique position in the realm of horology due to its distinct design and technological features.  The noted difference in prices between retail and the private sales market provides an immediate insight into the watch’s demand. 
  • The Rolex 116400GV, for instance, was retailing at S$13,050 in February 2023 but was fetching a higher value of S$14,279 on the private sales market. This indicates a strong resale value and demand, even surpassing the retail price. Such a phenomenon isn’t common for many luxury items, which often depreciate after purchase.

What Makes Rolex Milgauss So Special?

Rolex Milgauss collection stands out for its unparalleled magnetic resistance, a feature tailored for scientists and engineers exposed to magnetic fields. Unlike most watches, the Milgauss can operate flawlessly in environments that would hamper other timepieces. This technical marvel is coupled with aesthetic distinctiveness: the lightning bolt seconds hand, often paired with striking dial designs, embodies its scientific essence, making the Milgauss a symbol of both precision and innovation.

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